Loans for everyone – no formalities!

We present a list of loans that we believe are targeted at everyone. These are payday loans and installment loans that the proverbial. Online loans for everyone – up to 14 payday loans and installment loans! There are quite a few such loans on the market. Few companies take the path of specialization and direct Continue Reading

Reverse mortgage – is it really worth it?

An example is a reverse mortgage, which can be a source of additional income for Polish seniors. In our country there are no provisions regulating an inverted mortgage, currently, the Ministry of Finance is working on a draft of such a law. Reverse mortgage principle However, entities offering similar mechanisms are already on the market. Continue Reading

How to apply for a loan?

The first step should be calculating creditworthiness – emphasizes an analyst at Good Finance. It will allow us to estimate the maximum amount of mortgage we can apply for. Creditworthiness is usually defined as the possibility of paying off the loan installments monthly after deducting all fixed and foreseeable costs. As expenses, banks understand rent, Continue Reading